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Lina is Elena’s best friend, but now she is pregnant with Tomas’ baby and Elena fears being abandoned. The trio of Lithuanian immigrants set out on one last, illegal fishing trip before the arrival of the child, where Elena tries to save her friendship in the face of change.

Starring Irena Sikorskytė, Jovita Jankelaitytė and Dovydas Stončius


Supported by Arts Council England and Lithuanian Council for Culture

16 min 30 sec


Red Berries

By Your Side

A young woman visits her grandmother's empty apartment, where she finds clues to her past.


Supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture

9 min 40 sec



Two estranged Lithuanian sisters reunite in a London flat overlooking the river Thames. Old wounds resurface in their attempt to rekindle connection.


8 min 45 sec


Monika in September

A filmmaker invites her childhood friend Monika on a trip to Canada, in the footsteps of the author Alice Munro. Inspired by her short stories, they want to make a film exploring the course of a young woman’s life by visiting the places Munro writes about. Reality and imagination, the deeply personal and the fictional become intertwined in a film that explores feminine identity, estrangement and belonging.

Made with Dolby Travel Scholarship

15 min 43 sec



Daiva, a Lithuanian psychiatrist is confronted by the threat that currently looms over Eastern Europe. It brings up memories of past trauma and drives her towards the West in search of a peaceful existence. However, in this period of constant movement and uncertainty, hope is hard to come by. 


16 min 43 sec 



13-year-old Marija has just moved to England; now her mum says she is pregnant and Marija feels like her life will never be the same again.

Channel 4 First Acts 


3 min



Park Europa

A woman is walking around a park somewhere in Europe. The perfectly groomed setting expresses the peace and stability she longs for. However, ruptures lurk underneath the serenity.


19 min


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