Red Berries

By Your Side

A young woman visits her grandmother's empty apartment, where she finds clues to her past.


Supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture

9 min 40 sec



Two estranged Lithuanian sisters reunite in a London flat overlooking the river Thames. Old wounds resurface in their attempt to rekindle connection.


8 min 45 sec


Monika in September

A filmmaker invites her childhood friend Monika on a trip to Canada, in the footsteps of the author Alice Munro. Inspired by her short stories, they want to make a film exploring the course of a young woman’s life by visiting the places Munro writes about. Reality and imagination, the deeply personal and the fictional become intertwined in a film that explores feminine identity, estrangement and belonging.

Made with Dolby Travel Scholarship

15 min 43 sec



Daiva, a Lithuanian psychiatrist is confronted by the threat that currently looms over Eastern Europe. It brings up memories of past trauma and drives her towards the West in search of a peaceful existence. However, in this period of constant movement and uncertainty, hope is hard to come by. 


16 min 63 sec 



13-year-old Marija has just moved to England; now her mum says she is pregnant and Marija feels like her life will never be the same again.

Channel 4 First Acts 


3 min



Park Europa

A woman is walking around a park somewhere in Europe. The perfectly groomed setting expresses the peace and stability she longs for. However, ruptures lurk underneath the serenity.


19 min